The Challenge

An unorganized database costs time, money, and energy. Clean data is the first step to making the most of leads.

Bad data will influence analytics as well. The results of a campaign will not be directly related to the goals if the audience is not relevant.


The Solution

CTG went through and gave contacts lead scores to help target them more effectively. During this process, excessive data was removed from the database to save the efforts of the employees and increase productivity.


The image above is an example of email open and click rates before and after a database cleanup.


Open rates jumped nearly 35% and click rates increased 4%. These performance metrics improved simply by using first-party data correctly to target an audience.


Set up a process to maintain a clean database, whether that is a weekly or monthly task, or qualifying data before it gets imported into the database.


CTG’s Marketing Support Services have helped maintain clean data to improve the quality of leads for our clients.