Zingtrain, Leadership Lunch Club and Creating an Effective Vision

In April, I had the opportunity to attend Traverse City’s Leadership Lunch Club and the featured speaker was Elnian Gilbert from Zingtrain, Zingerman’s Training business.  The Leadership Lunch Club is a lunch event that occurs once every few months and is organized by the Center for Coaching and Leadership Development.  The lunch’s purpose is to share best practices from experts on business topics.  Elnian was the keynote speaker and shared with the group on “how to create a vision of greatness” for you or your company.  It was fantastic material and really had me thinking on how to apply it to my own business and life.  I spoke with a business owner afterwards that had attended the Zingtrain trainings down in Ann Arbor and they received stellar reviews.  I would love to share all that I learned but time is not on my side.  So, I’ll leave you with a few take aways and encourage you to check out the Zingtrain and the Center for Coaching and Leadership Development for more information.


How Zingerman’s defines vision?

Visioning is the what, not the how.  An end date has to be set when creating a vision.

“The best leaders operate in 4 dimensions: vision, reality, ethics and courage” – Peter Koestenbaum

4 Elements of an Effective Vision

  1. Inspiring
  2. Strategically sound
  3. Documented
  4. Communicated

4 Things a Vision is Not

  1. It is not a mission statement
  2. It is not a strategic plan
  3. It is not something you hire a consultant to write for you
  4. It is used only at the top of the organization

6 Insider Tips for a Great Vision

  1. Include emotion
  2. Write in present tense
  3. Describe rich details
  4. Build in a sensory component
  5. Incorporate tangible outcomes
  6. Acknowledge reality




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