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CTG Insights is the market research division of CTG LLC that offers a uniquely insightful tool for enterprise technology marketers to target, influence and engage with enterprise technology buyers.


CTG Insights was launched due both to client demand and the growing need for enterprise technology marketers to better understand their buyers.  Through our precise and directed research process, we provide collated, easily digested, data to help our clients understand the opinions of their potential buyers and current customers. Furthermore, we are able to customize content and messaging to reach potential players in highly effective fashion.


Through data acquisition and analysis, CTG Insights provides clients valuable business decision making tools. With an increasingly fast paced enterprise technology market coupled with constantly shifting buying habits, the most accurate and up to date information is imperative to success for enterprise technology vendors. CTG Insights provides focused data to help these marketers better understand industry trends and improve decision making.


Additionally, CTG Insights offers several complementary features and benefits, including identifying market trends and collecting survey data to yield opinion insights from targeted buyers. CTG Insights data mining can also produce invaluable leads for the technology vendor’s sales funnel. Furthermore, specialized digital content such as reports and e-books can be generated based on our unique survey data to complement existing promotion strategies.


CTG Insights research services are available now to enterprise technology vendors in the following markets: Enterprise Data Storage, Cloud Computing, Software As A Service (SAAS), Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cybersecurity.  CTG Insights is open to exploring new markets per clients request.


Are you an enterprise tech vendor and would like to learn more about becoming a CTG Insights sponsor and our custom research services?  Email your interest to CTG Insights Director of Research, Dave Colliver @ .

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