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The CTG Process is a mirror image of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle, also called the Deming Cycle.  Dr. W Edwards Deming is widely considered the master of continual improvement of quality.  This four-step approach to problem-solving allows CTG to test various solutions to a problem to identify the most effective solution before implementation. The cycle can be refined and repeated time and time again for Continual Process Improvement (CPI). Let’s look at each step individually.


CTG works with our clients to first define the problem that they are looking to solve and pinpointing the root cause.  We will ask many questions to ensure we understand your needs and requirements.  Once the problem is understood, we will work together to set SMART goals for your plan.

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Assignable

R = Relevant

T = Time-based

plan process
doing process


CTG now looks to implement the plan.  We recommend the use of small pilots, or A/B testing, to test if the solution will work.


CTG will assess the pilot or A/B tests to determine how they performed and if indeed further action should be taken with the proposed solution.

check process
act process


CTG takes action based on what was learned in the “CHECK” step.  If the proposed solution was not correct, it is recommended to go through the cycle again with a different plan.  If the solution was successful, incorporate what we learned from the pilot and fully implement.



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