June 9, 2016

Our Story

Colliver Technology Group, LLC (CTG) was originally founded in 2009.  Upon reflection, its founding served little purpose other than to capture my entrepreneurial inclinations from time to time.  The important things: revenue, profit, mission, vision, purpose were not its strong suit.  In 2009, Google’s email and all in one collaboration software platform, Google Apps now Google Gsuite, was growing rapidly in market share versus Microsoft.  I had big plans to build a “Google Apps” implementation company to consult with businesses all around the world.  After some starts and stops it became clear this was nothing more than a side project.  I eventually lost interest, became distracted and focused my precious time on my full time job, family, church, coaching soccer and all the other components of life.

Fast forward six years.  My job at the time was to sell contact center software to organizations in the Central United States as a Regional Sales Manager for Enghouse Interactive. On Friday, May 8th, 2015 at 11 AM, I received a phone call from my manager, Vice President of Sales of North America.  He was on the line with the Human Resources Director.     When my boss introduced the Human Resources Director, I was thinking “this can’t be good”.  Sure enough, they proceeded to inform me that my position had been eliminated.  It was a complete shock and I did not see it coming.  I really felt I had my activity, pipeline and sales humming and moving in the right direction.  And, I felt I was working darn hard to do it.  But, as is life in the corporate world, the division that I specifically in was not performing and costs needed to be cut.  Yes, I was now downsized, let go, fired?!?.  Ugh!  What next?

I have always subscribed to the overused saying,

“When life hands you lemons, time to make the lemonade”.  

Not one to feel sorry for myself and to keep moving forward, on the morning of May 10th, 2015 I began networking and an opportunity soon presented itself to consult for one of my former clients.   It was an interesting opportunity and, after talking it through with my wife, I jumped at the chance.  So, CTG “came off the bench” and it started to see the “starting lineup” using my ever present sports analogies.  This perceived negative life event of losing a job served as the catalyst to bring CTG back to the forefront in a much more serious, focused way.  I remember speaking with entrepreneur, founder and best selling author, Rich Sheridan, about how he started his successful firm, Menlo Innovations.  It wasn’t necessarily planned as you can read in this Forbes article.  Rich used the term “accidental entrepreneur” which I can understand and appreciate.

It’s been almost two years and CTG continues to grow and evolve.  It’s still primarily me that provides the consulting services on projects with a select group of contractors but we may be hiring our first full time employee soon depending on project volume.  Our purpose remains to help clients grow with innovative sales, CRM and marketing solutions.  Please feel free to browse through the site and reach out and say hello.  I’d like to learn more about your business and its sales, marketing and CRM challenges.


Dave Colliver

Founder, President and Consultant

Colliver Technology Group, LLC

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