Taking a Step Back – The Goodwill Inn of Northern Michigan

We often take our daily lives for granted and are oblivious to much bigger problems that others are experiencing. Along with that, many are unaware of local programs in place to support anyone in need. 


One of these agencies is the Goodwill Inn of Northern Michigan.

The Goodwill Inn is a year-round, 120-bed emergency shelter. The Inn provides safe, supportive shelter with food and other basic needs for adults and families experiencing homelessness. This temporary support is in place to assist while guests find safe, permanent housing.


The rate that guests at the Inn find positive destinations after their stay is around 40% which is double most shelters!


The Good Meals program, within the Goodwill Inn, makes 200,000 meals a year for those experiencing homelessness along with a partnership with Meals On Wheels for homebound seniors.


Consider taking a step back this season and finding a way to support the community. Here is the link to volunteer with Goodwill Northern Michigan, for Traverse City locals.


It seems small to spend a few hours volunteering when there are dedicated volunteers who show up regularly, but anything helps and the more often we set aside time for others, the greater the impact. 


Dave and Lauren spent their morning learning more about this program and ways to get involved with Goodwill Northern Michigan.