Influitive Live 2020 Recap


Last month I attended Influitive Live 2020, a customer advocacy virtual event with over 25 sessions.  According to G2Crowd, Influitive is one of the leaders in the Customer Advocacy Software category.  Companies participating in this year’s event included ADP, Adobe, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and TIBCO.  The event took place over two days.  Prior to the event, Influitive offered points for signing up for sessions and completing onboarding challenges. The points accrued could be used to redeem awards at the end of the event which was a clever way to increase engagement from the attendees.  Influitive also had some fun challenges including asking the attendees to upload a video of what they are looking forward to most at the event, caricatures and even asking where the attendees they were viewing the event from.

The sessions were mainy hosted by other Influitive customers and Influitive representatives. They included tips and tricks for enhancing the customer’s experience on the platform.  There was also a session given by Influitive’s CEO, Dan McCall, on the new features coming to Influitive this fall.  One of the new features that I am super excited to try will be their enhanced reporting.  As an administrator of the Influitive tool for clients, I will be able to make edits on myself without the need to involve Influitive support!

Here are a few more of my takeaways/ideas:

  • Create a certification challenge for the customers asking them what certifications they are interested in, send vouchers to those interested and reward those who receive the certifications.
  • Create onboarding challenges for the new members that includes challenges getting to know them, a better understanding of how the platform works etc.
  • Collaborate with the marketing and sales teams to create a strategic plan that aligns the hub’s goals with their goals.
  • Use more out of the box strategies to re-engage and engage hub members.
  • Using out of the box activities to guide customer success.
  • As an incentive to customers for joining the hub, award them with a certification voucher.
  • Using customer marketing activities and events to influence your community adoption.
  • Align with customer marketing.
  • Send thank you email with invite to the hub to customers who attend webinars and live events.
  • Create specific badges for live events.
  • Team up with your internal stakeholders to plan community sponsored customer events.
  • Customer catalyst creators are more powerful than measuring sales pipeline for an organization.
  • Create a discussion asking the customers what they need at this uncertain time.
  • How to solve the issue of lack of alignment, poor communications etc-create customer segmentation, on view of the customer, triggered communication.
  • Create a segment for potential customers.
  • Creating customizable campaigns for more effective customer engagement.
  • Create a diversity and inclusion group.


Overall, I really enjoyed Influitive Live 2020 and found a ton of value in its content.  I look forward to Influitive Live 2021 and learning more tips and tricks to enhance customer’s experience on the hub!