Terry Gold’s Help Me Help You Blog Post

Who remembers this famous scene from Jerry Maguire from 1996?

Terry Gold is a mentor, past employer and friend who is currently the Growth Entrepreneur in Residence at University of South Australia.  We met each other originally in 2003 when I was a student at the University of Colorado MBA program and he was one of the guest speakers.  I still vividly remember he led a very thought-provoking discussion about ethics and doing what is right in business.  His talk made an impression on me so much so that I reached out to him to ask for an informational interview to get to know him and his business better.  He accepted my request and the rest is well, history.  A short time later upon graduation, I ended up going to work at his company, Gold Systems.

He surprised me earlier this month in a blog about his experience working with me.  I was a Regional Sales Manager at the time and he was the Founder/CEO.  The post is entitled “Help Me Help You” and it’s offers Terry’s perspective on how I like to “help” my clients with making their lives just a bit easier when it comes to growing their businesses.

While you are at it, lots of helpful and interesting content on his blog so I’d encourage you to check it out.

Thanks again Terry!  Much appreciated!