Inside Colliver Technology Group: Intern Experience

I had the opportunity to be a Marketing and Communications Intern with Colliver Technology Group (CTG) for three months. I gained perspective into marketing and how it’s done at CTG. I am breaking down what CTG does and giving a little insight into what I learned while there!

Firstly, some background. I am new to the marketing world and even more so to the B2B tech industry. However, this did not stop me from getting the most out of this experience. Honestly, it took a little brainpower and a lot of research to wrap my head around the B2B tech industry. Once I had the bigger picture, it was not all that bad. 


What does CTG Do?

CTG works with enterprise companies, meaning nothing is small scale. Marketing automation systems are their client’s backbones. I had no prior experience with Salesforce, Pardot, Influitive, or Marketo going into the internship. While shadowing, I learned how to: import and export data, configure email cadence, and link campaigns between Salesforce and Pardot. These are all tasks CTG assists with for their clients.

I enjoyed the process of seeing client work go from point A to point B and the steps along the way. CTG assists with data organization, cleansing, and tracking. Due to the nature of this work, I learned many spreadsheet tips and tricks! I now know how to implement various formulas, find reliable data, and automatically organize results with pivot tables.


Salesforce and Website Refresh

On top of shadowing, I also became a Trailblazer! Salesforce’s Trailhead is an online system where anyone can become a member and take various courses on Salesforce and Pardot. This system allows you to earn badges and rankings after completing specific milestones. Courses I completed: B2B Marketing Analytics Plus, Pardot Salesforce Integration for Lightning App, Marketing and Service Cloud Basics, and Pardot Lead Generation for Pardot Lightning App.

The CTG website was revamped during my time which allowed me to help with that too! I was able to assist in the content creation for the website and learn more about WordPress. This opportunity helped me to understand what exactly CTG does and help explain the services offered. Content creation is one of the parts I enjoy most about the marketing process. I was able to do that with the website, newsletter, and social platforms. 


Goals and Future Plans

Another unique part of CTG is monthly get-togethers. This helps us all stay in touch and get away from our desks. We have mostly been working from our homes, so grabbing lunch at our favorite Traverse City spots keeps us social.

I am exceptionally grateful for my time as an intern at Colliver Technology Group. I am even more appreciative of the opportunity to stay with them and join their team as a Marketing Associate! I am looking forward to learning even more and lending a helping hand wherever I can. 


Author: Lauren Kroells