[Video] Salesforce Lead Conversion Process for the B2B Marketer

When a B2B marketer outsources their demand gen to fuel more leads for its sales team, it can get tricky to properly convert a lead into a qualified opportunity given the complexities of the outsourced model.  Qualified leads can easily fall through the cracks which is bad news for the outsourced demand gen agency, the internal marketing team and sales teams.  Luckily, Salesforce makes it easy to track the entire lead conversion process allowing greater visibility for all.  It also helps eliminate duplicate record creation and allows for proper campaign attribution. CTG put together this 19 minute video to show demand gen agencies and internal B2B marketers at enterprises how Salesforce can be used to help track the entire outsourced lead conversion process.  Dave dives into a demo and uses a fictitious high growth, B2B IT cybersecurity solution vendor with 2,000 employees that uses an outsourced demand gen agency as an example.


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