5 Ideas to Increase Engagement with your Advocate Marketing Program

5 Ideas to Increase Engagement with your Advocate Marketing Program

Having an effective advocate marketing program is important. You may have created a program in the past that has seemingly been effective but now you feel engagement with advocates could be better.  Review the metrics and if you are not satisfied with advocate engagement numbers, it may be time to update your strategy.

Here are five ideas on how to increase advocate engagement with your advocate marketing program:

#1: Increase targeted content

One idea to increase engagement would be to find more targeted content that can be published on your platform. Here at CTG, we have experience with Influtive’s Advocate Hub, a market leader in the advocate marketing platform space. Ask the customers to share the content on their social media accounts and make sure that the content is relevant to the customer’s interests. Think about pushing out a challenge asking the customers what subjects they would be interested in and then put them in groups that reflect these interests. With advocate marketing it is important to think of ways to present important announcements and fun experiences in creative and engaging ways. By promoting the brand, advocates encourage other companies to research the company and hopefully bring in new advocates and customers.

#2: Include prospects and partners

When you first started your advocate marketing program most likely you chose to only invite existing customers.  Now that you have had the platform running for a certain period of time, what about including prospects and partners? If you do, make sure that the content that is shared does not include sensitive information that perhaps your customers can see, but not necessarily a prospect or partner.  Also, what might that new invite look like to new participants?

#3: Increase rewards to advocates in more creative and unique ways

Advocates love rewards! As you consider how to update your strategy, why not think of more creative and unique ways to reward more?  For example, you can create UTM codes to track registrants for webinars and virtual events and reward them for their participation. You can also reward advocates for completing certifications and providing feedback on products and services. Finding more creative ways to reward customers will increase engagement.

#4: Segment based on geographic location

If you have not done so already, consider segmenting your members based on geographic location to increase engagement. Create content that is specific to their location and events that are happening in their areas. This will encourage the member to participate in events and will also help them connect with other members in and around their geographic location.

#5: Start discussions for customers to better engage with one another

If discussions are not already enabled within your advocacy marketing platform, consider enabling this helpful feature.  Start discussions between the customers based on their interests and/or their feedback on products and experiences. Discussions is an easy and effective way to increase engagement.

Ready Set Update!

Now it is time to plan out the updates. Congratulations! You are now making a true effort in increasing your customer engagement! Good luck!

Thinking of updating your advocate marketing strategy?

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