Fitness Challenge Engages Enterprise B2B Customers and Partners During Pandemic

Fitness Challenge Engages Enterprise B2B Customers and Partners

Our client came up with a unique idea to run a series of fitness challenges for their customers and partners in the spring of 2020 during the pandemic.  Most of them were working from home and many were itching for an excuse to get outside and be active.  Our client reached out to CTG to support their existing marketing team with some of the details of running these challenges.

A fitness challenge falls into the category of corporate wellness.  According to G2Crowd, the corporate wellness software category is defined as:

Corporate wellness software equips organizations with tools to organize, manage, and administer wellness programs. These solutions provide companies with initiatives that motivate their employees to establish and maintain healthy lifestyle choices. All company sizes, industries, and departments can benefit from corporate wellness solutions, as these tools aim to shift the work culture toward health while simultaneously creating a social support system for employees.

Fitness Tracking Tool?

Movespring was the fitness tracking tool that was used for the program.  It can be “white labeled” or branded to match the company’s marketing theme which is what our client did.  Movespring also has the ability to add custom content for the participants to view during the program at set periods of time.  Here is a demo to understand how it works.


The fitness challenges ran for 6 weeks.  Participants were grouped into teams of 12.  There were about 50 teams and each had a team captain.  They had a chance to both compete individually for prizes as well as by teams for charity.  Number of steps was what was measured.  A designated hashtag was established so participants could also share fun photos of the challenge via social media.  Overall, it was a unique and creative way to keep customers and partners engaged (and active) during the pandemic.

How did CTG help?

As an offshoot from CTG’s Demand Generation Program Management Marketing Support Services, we helped participants get signed up for the challenge, handle minor technical support questions with the Movespring app, managed the chat, organized the weekly social media winners and ran and analyzed reports from the Movespring Administration panel.  Google Sheets was an instrumental tool in managing the back office details of the program.  Its collaborative functionality proved invaluable as we worked with our client to execute the program.

Thinking of Running a Fitness Challenge program for your customers and partners?

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